Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Bring on 2012

Christmas will be around the corner when we look again. So here's our handmade 2012 calendar. It folds nice and flat for easy postage. Lovely for dad's desk, or  Christmas gifts for those special people. Now i still need to add my photo's and embellishments. Will 
post finished Calendar soon.

We will be doing this Calendar class throughout October and November. If you'd like to join a class or purchase the kit, contact us.
Happy Scrapping!!

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Digital Invitations

Kim designs wonderful digital invitations. Here are a few of my Favourites.


 Kim will be doing Minke's second Mickey Mouse Club House, party invites. Looking forward to seeing them. This is a nice way to personalise your invite. You can email them to the guests or hand them out, and for those who still like using the postal service. Nothing nicer than getting a note in the post. Go to our Party essentials page for more samples and details.
Looking forward to working with you Kim! 

Party Time!!!!

Ready for the party!!
Amity's 7th "Craft" Party. I so love organising my children's parties, but can go overboard, so my husband has put a budget on the parties. LOL!!!!
The CAKE. 
Aprons and craft boxes ready for Crafting.
Busy Crafters....
Our finished product!!!
Well done Guys!!!!
Opening gifts with her sister.
A rare photo with Mom and Dad.
Ten 7 year olds in the house had Dad a bit freaked, but it was  a fun filled morning!!
Now I can getting Scrapping again, before the next party arrives.