Friday, 4 October 2013

Pink Paint

Wow. Where has the time gone. A few more weeks then it's our long summer break, and i am still busy redecorating the girls rooms. Well here is the hot pink dresser/desk. This was my first big painting project. Loved it and learned alot with this cute little piece. I used Plascon Cashmere, Fuschia Fizz and added my Friend from "prettier painted" homemade chalk paint and Whola!!! Easy to use chalk paint in any colour i like. Still want to give Annie Slaon a try, now that it's available in SA.
My Husband is a bit OCD, so still wanted to give the old dresser a quick sand.

We just oiled the top.

Thanks For Stopping by.

Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Bedroom Make-over

Well now, scrapbooking has taken a back seat, as i have a new found hobby. Thanks to my friend Belinda. 
("Chalk Paint" Shall i say more.) 
My first make-over was my girls bedroom, that i'll be sharing with you.
Where shall i start. 
The wonderful vintage Merlin headboards I purchased from my friend Belinda at
Forgot to take a before photo. This before is from the prettier painted website.
Top left is the  before.
The After...
They were painted in dulux White
The tops were sanded and given a coat of wax. Oiling made the wood too dark.
Then to give it some old vintage charm, i distressed it.

I am still deciding what to put as the backing of the shelves. Mirror, Wall paper... 
the choices are endless. 
Till next time with a funky and fun hot pink desk.

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Date night Valentine

The idea for this date night jar came from pintrest, and i made it with what i had in my craft room. I did this for our 10th Anniversary. All you need is a mason jar, some painted tongue depressors and off you go.You paint the tongue depressors in 3  or 4 colours, colour coding your dates to the cost of a date. From stay at home dates, to relativly inexpensive and expensive. Then i added blank ones for my nusband to choose himself. All the others i wrote things on we would like to do. This is a fun and exciting way for date night, as you dont know what you will be doing until you draw a stick. It's all right there in a jar. No excuses anymore.

Hope you all have a lovely Valentines Day.

Sunday, 13 January 2013

Ready Set Paint...

I recently completed a "chalk paint "workshop at a friend of mine Belinda, from 
"Prettier Painted" 
I just love the look of the chalk paint. 
After finishing my first project, i have been shopping for anything pretty to paint. 
I think every piece of furniture in my house will be painted soon :) 
Here is my first finished project.
I have just stocked up on every possible colour of paint i would like to use, and now i'm set to paint,paint,paint.      
To be inspired, visit Belinda's "Prettier Painted " website.

Happy Crafting and Thank you for stopping by.

Saturday, 12 January 2013

Eco-friendly 2013

Well now. Let's see if i can keep up with my blog this year. 
So let's talk laundry. 
Friends of mine started making their own eco-friendly washing detergent as their children have excema. So today i did my first load with the "Laundry Lasses"
150ml of detergent and off we go. As simple as that. No powder or softner needed. My kind of one step washing. So if your children suffer from excema or you just want to "save the world one load at a time." Then the "Laundry Lasses" are for you.
Visit their website:

Thanks Sam and Belinda for giving us the chance to use your wonderful detergent.