Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Bedroom Make-over

Well now, scrapbooking has taken a back seat, as i have a new found hobby. Thanks to my friend Belinda. 
("Chalk Paint" Shall i say more.) 
My first make-over was my girls bedroom, that i'll be sharing with you.
Where shall i start. 
The wonderful vintage Merlin headboards I purchased from my friend Belinda at http://prettierpainted.com/
Forgot to take a before photo. This before is from the prettier painted website.
Top left is the  before.
The After...
They were painted in dulux White
The tops were sanded and given a coat of wax. Oiling made the wood too dark.
Then to give it some old vintage charm, i distressed it.

I am still deciding what to put as the backing of the shelves. Mirror, Wall paper... 
the choices are endless. 
Till next time with a funky and fun hot pink desk.