Monday, 3 September 2012

Looking forward to getting Crafty again.

 I really haven't got going on this blog. I should have known this year was going to be hectic, as we started renovations on our home. For those of you that have had renovations done i'm sure you'll know it is chaos no matter what you try. And BUILDERS?!??!!@ Well... lets leave it at that. After 7 months we are done. I thought the day would never come. So now i just need to do the interior of my craft room and hopefully i can get crafty on a regular basis. On top of the building my 8 year old daughter was diagnosed with ADHD, and the last 8 months we have been going from OT(occupational therapy) to Visual training to the pshycologist. Finally that has also all come to an end, and it seems we are returning back to normality. So suffice to say we are are ready for 2013 with a new school year and no builders. YAY!! There are so many talented people out there blogging that have inspired me to get going and share my love for crafts with you. So here's to getting crafty and inspired on this blog.

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